Advent means the arrival of an important person, thing or event. So the advent of something suggests something long anticipated has finally arrived! What better way would there be to describe the season of celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior!

We all love the Christmas season and have a hard time waiting for Christmas day to arrive. I have found that kids find the waiting hard. There are tons of resources out there for advent and countdown to Christmas. (Technically advent begins the first Sunday before December.) However, my little printable here, combines both.

I have designed a countdown to Christmas that is also an advent of sorts that takes us through some names of Jesus found in scripture. And, the best part, it is made to be put in the shape of a Christmas Tree. It’s fun, it’s easy, and it’s about JESUS!

Unfortunately, you will have to print each pdf separately but the good news is that they go in order so if you for some reason are behind, just start with whatever day you need to print from. Day 1 & 2 are the tree trunk. Days 3-24 are the Christmas tree and Day 25 is the star!

I have put a picture of it put together on our wall below. Our hall is not very wide so I had to take a side picture to get the entire thing. I apologize for the shoddy photo but you get the idea and the kids had fun putting it together. They fought over who got to cut the star and then who got to put it on top.

The tree will need to have 6 rows but the last row will have 7. And, you can make your trunk thick by having the first 2 side by side (my original idea or put them on top for a taller, skinnier trunk, my son’s idea. Notice who won. HAHA!

Just click the links to the free printables:

Day 1&2

Day 3&4

Day 5&6

Day 7&8

Day 9&10

Day 11&12

Day 13&14

Day 15&16

Day 17&18

Day 19&20

Day 21&22

Day 23&24

Day 25

Please comment below and tell me what you think and if you decide to use it, I love pictures!! You can tag me on Instagram @a_child_shall_lead_them_blog or share on my facebook page: A Child Shall Lead Them FB

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