20 + Free Resource for Family Worship At Home

free resources for family worship time

One of the things I hear a lot from parents is that they have a hard time finding Bible lessons and resource to do family Bible at home, especially if they have a wide range of ages or have a budget. All of these Family Bible and Worship resources are free and there are so many things to choose from that will satisfy kids no matter their ages or spiritual stages.

Does you family consistently have a Family Worship time? It is sometimes hard to put it into you daily habit but once you have made it a consistency, you will see the benefits. It focuses our attention on God first thing, it brings us closer together, and it gives us encouragement and energy to face the day.

We have done a regular, daily family worship time since our children were young and while it has changed as we added children, as they got older, and as we’ve grown, it has all of the same elements. Here are some things I would suggest in creating a consistent time:

  1. Do it first thing in the morning. I know things can be hurried but find a time to carve out at least 20 minutes when everyone can sit down and start their day on the same page.
  2. Sing a song of praise. We like to turn it up on YouTube with the lyrics and do a few songs. Even if you don’t have much time, sing “Jesus Loves Me” with littles or your favorite chorus of a popular worship song with the older kids.
  3. Read a portion of scripture and discuss. It’s best to follow a plan but even if you are reading a verse a day, its better than nothing.
  4. Pray over your day and ask the Lord to help you put your scripture into action in your life. Teaching our kids that we live by prayer and need God’s guidance to start our day is so important. (See also: 5 Ways to Give Them Jesus)

With that in mind, whether you are looking to start a family worship time or you just want some more ideas to shake things up. Here are 20+ great, free resources for family worship. Did I already say FREE? Yes, they are absolutely amazing resources and absolutely free!!

Songs to Help Memorize Scripture


I can’t think of a better way to help your kids memorize scripture than to have a catchy tune to sing along to. We have done Hebrews 4:12 and Proverbs 3:5-6. We played the song everyday to kick off family worship and by the end of the week, everyone could say the scriptures. I love these so much!

Seeds Family Worship

My kids didn’t find some of these songs quite as catchy but they are all scripture based songs. And, they also have a worship song playlist and teaching videos on their channel.

Free Bible Lesson Resources for Family Worship

I am not opposed to Bible books. We have been through the Action Bible, The Jesus Story Book Bible, and many other devotions for kids and families but I love that there are so many free options on the internet that you can access at any time and place. Plus, they are easy to share with others. And, if it doesn’t fit your family, you haven’t bought something and can easily find something else. Here are so of the things our family has used in the past with lots of success.

Mini Bible Lessons

This link is for the character study lessons which my preteen boys really enjoyed. There are also other lessons on doctorine and book studies. Check it out especially if your kids are more the 10 and up catergory or you have mixed ages with most kids older.

Ministry to Children

I found this awesome resource when we were planting our first church and we couldn’t afford children’s curriculum. Depending how creative you want to be, they have everything from the bible lesson, to coloring and activity sheets, to games, to craft ideas, and even worship songs to go along.

Children’s Ministry

These lessons are more Sunday School Style but I love that they have the thought provoking questions with them. Some of the lessons could probably even span several days on the same topic. There are 107 lessons here and most have activities attached if you want more reinforcement.

Themed Lessons

Free Bible Study Plans for Kids based on Spiritual Disciplines from Purposeful and Meaningful

I have here on my blog, some free lessons for specific holidays and scriptures.

Easter- Holy Week Lessons and Activites for Families

Thanksgiving- 5 Bible Lessons to Focus on Thanksgiving (See also: Gratitidue ABCs)

Christmas- Names of Jesus Scriptures Countdown to Christmas Tree

Teach Your Children to Be the Light-Matthew 5:16

Prayer Time

Let your kids hear you pray for them. Try these:

31 Days of Praying for Your Kids Challenge

A Week of Prayers for Young Men

10 Resources to Keep Praying for Your Kids All Year Long

Try some of these creative ideas to change up prayer time:

Prayer Sticks from Kelly R. Baker

Praying with Legos from Out Upon the Waters

Printable Prayer Journal for Kids from Cheri Gamble

Teaching Your Kids to Have their Own Quiet Time

The purpose of family worship is to set a pattern for your children to understand the daily importance of time in the word. The goal is for them to start studying the Bible on their own and to some day, reproduce the pattern in their own families. ( A Mom Worth Imitating)

Bible Breakdowns from Teach Sunday School

They have a sheet that you can print that gives an overview of each book of the Bible. It gives kids a bigger picture of what they are reading by telling the author, date, and summary breakdown of each section. It could even be used as their own Bible reading plan. How cool is that!

SOAP Bible Study Method for Kids

This method has been used for years to help kids make the most of their Bible Time. This is a free printable guide you can give to keep them on track.

Gratitude Journal

Let them keep their own record of what they are thankful for or write out their own prayers.

I hope you find some of these free resources helpful to your family. I pray that whatever you decide to do or use that you are able to be consistent and purposeful in getting the word of God into their hearts and having time for your family to worship and pray together.

Get more ideas for Using the Word of God to Transform Your Home. Do you know of other great free resources for family worship or is there something that you are using that others might find helpful? Comment below and help some Mommas out.

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