Many times, we start out strong praying for our kids as they go back to school but as the year drags on and there is so much going on, we lose that momentum. Here are 10 resources to keep us praying over our kid’s school year!!

Why Praying Over Kid’s School Year is Important

As children go to school, they will encounter many different relationships with school leaders, teachers, and their peers. They will also face challenges with school work and various sports or activities.

On top of this, they are exposed to talk, situations, and maybe even new ideas that counter the beliefs they have been taught at home. It is our job as parents to teach them the truth of God’s word at home. But, more importantly, we can place them in the care of God and use the power of prayer.

Even if your kids are homeschool, like mine, these prayers are helpful and keep us praying over our kids as they grow, learn, and interact with us, as the teachers, and their siblings.

Resources to Keep Us Praying Over Our Kid’s School Year

1. 31 Days of Prayers for Our Children

I created this challenge in July but the topics apply for any time of the year. Also, included are printable prayer cards for easy access. Each has a topic, scriptures, and a sample prayer.

2. Prayers for a New School Year: 5 Ways to Pray

This link has back to school prayers specifically for the new year and accompanying scriptures. It also has a free printable prayer guide to keep you on track.

3. Parent-Teacher partnership: 3 back-to-school prayers for teachers and school leaders

Don’t forget to pray over your kids teachers and school leaders. This great resource has prayers you can pray and just insert their names. It makes it super easy since you haven’t gotten a chance to know them well.

4. 13 Scriptures to Pray Over Your Kids School Year

Praying scriptures over our children is so powerful because its God’s holy word and always in His will. Use these scriptures as a model to pray over your kids school year.

5. 10 Prayers for Anxious Kids

Lots of Kids feel anxious or worried about going back to school. Use this guide to cast your cares and your children’s over on the Lord and let Him care for them.

6. 7 Scriptures to Pray Over Your Son

These prayers are geared specifically for preteen and teen boys. Each scriptures includes a sample prayer.

7. 7 Scriptures to Pray Over Your Daughter

Since we had prayers for our sons. It makes sense to also have prayers that would be special just for those precious little ladies in our lives.

8. 7 Psalms to Pray Over Your Kids at Bedtime

Our kids need good rest to grow, learn, and stay healthy and alert. Reading and praying these Psalms at bed time will give you both comfort, peace, and help to trust the Lord.

9.Pray the Armor of God Over Your Children

As the school year keeps rolling along, there are sure to be many ups and downs in your child’s life. Use this guide to keep your kids covered in prayer all school year long.

10. Praying for a Rebellious Teen

These are prayer starters to help you focus on praying for all aspects of your home and your teen’s heart and life. There are also prayers for you as the parent as you deal with a rebellious child.

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