Spring Activities that Teach Kids about God

As the temperatures warm up and the sun is out more, it’s the perfect time to start doing some spring time activities. Why not incorporate them in a way that teach our kids about God?

This is a resource guide for various Bible lessons, activities, games, and crafts that will highlight Spring but also our Creator who gives us this glory season to enjoy.

spring activities to teach kids about god

Bible Lessons for Children about Spring

Spring brings about new life, new activity in God’s creation, and warmer weather. All of this is worth considering in light of our Creator and His creation. These lessons can help children develop a biblical worldview. (All of these are free.)

Spring Outdoor Activities

Spring is my favorite time to be outside. It’s not too hot, it’s not too cold, and watching the earth wake up after a winter rest is so exciting. The sunshine, fresh air, and burst of color makes my heart sing. (I just wish the pollen didn’t irritate my allergies.) These spring outdoor activities are perfect for intentionally enjoying a Spring day and teaching our kids about God.

Exploring God’s Creation

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1 NIV) Let’s get to know our Creator by studying His creation.

  • Plant some flowers or a veggie garden. It’s the perfect way to talk about the parables of the seeds and how only God can give new life.
  • Get a magnifying glass and learn the parts of a flower or go on a bug hunt. Talk about how even the tiniest detail on the tiniest created thing was designed by God.
  • Visit a state conservation park. They have tons of free resources on local wildlife and vegetation. Many have free museums and grounds to hike and explore too.
  • Go bird watching or throw seeds in your backyard. Talk about how God provides for the birds and us too.
  • Make a weather chart and talk about how God designed everything to provide for the earth in different seasons.
Genesis 1:1

Chalk Art & Other Outdoor Art Ideas

God delights in our little ones enjoying all he has made. Just getting them outside and declaring, “Wow! Look what a beautiful day God has made for us to delight in.” is pointing them back to praise and worship.

  • Write our your memory verse of the week on the sidewalk and draw pictures to go along with it. Bonus, kids practice memory verse and you share God’s word with your neighbors.
  • Nature Art– My youngest loves this one. We collect sticks, leaves, flowers, nuts, or whatever strikes her fancy on our walk. We then either glue them on construction paper into a picture or stay outside and construct a sculpture in the front flower bed.

Spring Bible Crafts

Some of the lessons that I linked under the Bible lessons for Spring include crafts or activities. These are some extra crafts for those rainy days of Spring that help us focus on the Lord.

  • Bible Coloring Pages from Ministry to Children- Includes the days of creation and Easter coloring pages. Perfect for Spring.
  • Spring Crafts for Kids from All Kids Network- These are all fun crafty ways to recreate God’s creation-flowers, weather, bugs, animals, etc.

More Spring Resources for the Family

I hope these activities for Spring help your family to learn more about God and His beautiful creation.

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  1. I love this list of resources and ideas! Definitely want to come back to some of them. We’ve been delighting in warmer weather here in the midwest this week! It’s amazing what a difference beautiful spring weather and getting outside a lot can make in everyone’s moods and attitudes!

  2. staceypardoe

    You’re speaking my language on this one! I love getting the kids outside, and using this new season to teach them about God is an awesome idea! Thanks, Arrica! I’ll be putting this to good use!

  3. Love the tips about teaching the kids about Creation and the resources. Though in my part of the world, we don’t get to experience Spring, it is amazing how nature can help us teach our kids about God. Thanks for sharing.

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