Cheap and Fun Family Activities

This is a different post than what I normally would make. However, I feel like right now, it is important that as families, we remain joyful, optimistic, and united. So many events have been canceled from school activities and to outdoor festivals and sporting events. Also, with many out of work or struggling, it seems like cheap and fun family activities are popular!

Even after the isolation and pandemic have passed, couldn’t we all just use some ideas for fun at home? These are all budget friendly and don’t require a ton of extras outside of what you might have at home. Hey, maybe after its all over, they would be great ideas to get friends together to celebrate!

I have put together a list of 5 activities that we have done or are planning to do as a family. These are simple but they require planning, team work, and lots of fun!! The results are that the whole family has something to look forward to and works side by side to accomplish the event!

1. Family Fancy Gala

What we did:

  • My husband and I issued formal invitations to the kids.
  • We assigned everyone a task based on their interests.
  • My oldest likes to cook so he was in charge of planning and helping cook a fancy dinner (we did carmelized onion porkloin and glazed sweet potatoes. My other son likes to bake so he made a cake. My girls like arts and crafts so they made the sign and did decor and set the table.
  • Everyone dressed up! A photo to commemorate the event is optional but will be oh so fun to share and look back on. Plus, I’d love to see the photos if you do this. Follow me on insta or facebook.
  • We had a dance party and karaoke after dinner. Every gala needs some music!

2. Backyard Camp Out

What we did:

  • We did a fire pit for marshmallows and hot dogs for everyone.
  • We went on a walk to feel like we were hiking through the woods.
  • The bigs boys and dad set up the tent for a backyard tent camp out.
  • True to roughing it style, no electronics was a rule.

3. Spa Night

What we did:

  • Soak rolled up rags in warm water in a crock pot or pot with a lid to create a neck or face cloth for relaxing.
  • Use a large bowl or foot bath with warm water, vinegar, and a couple drops of your favorite essential oil for a foot soak.
  • Turn on relaxing spa musics.
  • Provide the kids with robes or oversized t-shirts.
  • Some ideas of things to use:
    • Face masks
    • Foot scrub
    • Lotion for a foot and hand massage
    • Nail polish for the girls
  • Spiritual application: Jesus washed the disciples feet. (John 13:1-17)

4. Art Show

What we did:

  • Plan some paint days and have some ideas for sculptures.
  • Encourage the kids to draw or to do some coloring pages and save them up in a designated location.
  • The day of the show, each child is given a space to hang and display art work.
  • Prepare appetizers and drinks in advance.
  • Each child will get a chance to show off and explain their art work to everyone.
  • Awards will be give for the following catergories:
    • Most Creative
    • Most Unique
    • Best Use of Color
    • Most Inspirational

5. Zoom Party

This is probably to easiest but for kids it is major fun! And, perfect for far away family or a cold, snowy day.

What we did:

  • Plan a day and time and send an invite to all of your kids friends! (We actually used Ring Central because it was an easier user set up.)
  • Have all of the kids dress up in their favorite costumes to show off. (Optional but so fun!!)
  • Help your kids plan a list of fun games to play. Here is ours:
    • Mad Libs
    • Two Truths and a Lie
    • Charades
    • Pictionary

Bonus: Backyard Olympics

DIY Backyard Olympics TRAINING

A few years back, I planned a Sports Camp outreach for our community that was centered around the Summer Olympics. Here is a little link (click on image) with ideas for games and even the bible lesson if you are interested.

Do any of these look like ideas that your family might like to do together? Do you have any other ideas or things your family has done? Please share any cheap and fun family activities below.

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cheap and fun family activities

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  1. Such fun ideas! I wonder if I can get my older teens to do any of this? Haha! We do plan on doing Smores on a fire soon. Creative ideas for sure!

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