How to Celebrate National Pumpkin Day

Did you you know that National Pumpkin Day is October 26? I did not know this but our family has celebrated for years. So, whether you plan to celebrate on the day or just pick your own fun, family pumpkin day, this post has all you need. Scroll down for recipes, ideas, Bible lessons, and free printables.

What is National Pumpkin Day?

As I said, National Pumpkin Day is October 26 each year. It is not an official holiday, but a fun one to observe. The day is dedicated to that famous gourd that scientists believed originated in North America and was such a staple of the Native American and early colonists diet.

My daughter and I visited the Daniel Boone historical homestead in Defiance, MO to carve pumpkins in an old fashioned way. We learned that the Native Americans taught the colonists  a system of growing pumpkins with maize and beans called the “Three Sisters Method.” The Three Sisters method allows pumpkins, corn, and beans to all help each while they grow. It’s very fascinating and I put a link to learn more in the education section of the post.

Below are some ways that your family can learn more and participate in this fun day.

How Can Your Family Celebrate National Pumpkin Day?

Lots of food, fun, education, and crafty resources to follow. Please comment and share if your family has a fun way to celebrate pumpkin day.

Pumpkin Pancakes for Breakfast

It’s not really a celebration without pancakes! We have pancakes for birthdays, sleepovers, and other special occasions so why not Pumpkin Day. This simple recipe is one that our family uses to make pumpkin pancakes. And, don’t forget the bacon.

Before eating, be sure to have a family prayer. Thank God for a wonderful fall fruit like the pumpkin and for a beautiful season like fall. Start a gratitude list that you can keep all the way through Thanksgiving.

Bible Lessons Using Pumpkins

A special day calls for a special Bible lesson. Here is a list of fun Bible lessons that help us start our day off right, focusing on Jesus.

Activities to Celebrate Pumpkin Day

Our main focus is usually picking out and carving our pumpkins. We also have a park a short distance from our house where an incredible pile of maple leaves builds up, so if its not rainy, we walk over and play in the leaves. It’s also a fun photo opportunity.

Sometimes the weather is not cooperative this time of year and I know some people do not like carving pumpkins, so I have listed below several other ideas for activities that might work for your family.

10 Fall Activities for Christian Families

Ideas for Finding and Carving Your Pumpkin

It is ideal to be able to visit a pumpkin patch to make a fun day of it. However, we have opted several times just to go to the store and dig through the bins for our perfect pick. Either way, its a fun experience and I found this great guide to explain how to pick the perfect pumpkin.

If it’s nice outside, we like to carve them there to avoid the mess inside. Otherwise, I lay a ton of newspaper on the floor and let the kids get creative. Don’t forget to save some seeds, we will roast them later for a fun snack.

Ideas for Carving:

Books and Educational Resources

I am a homeschool mom so I am always looking for a way to turn everything into a learning lesson. There are lots of fun books out there that are a perfect read for this day (check your local library) as well as some great educational tools.


Educational Tools

Simple Crafts for National Pumpkin Day

Crafts don’t need to be complicated, just fun! These great crafts are all about pumpkins and the seasonal objects that accompany them in all their glory.

36 Pumpkin Crafts

42 Leaf Crafts

Scarecrow Crafts

Reformation Day for Kids-Activities Round Up

Family Favorite Fall Recipes

We like to end pumpkin day by toasting the seeds and watching It’s a Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. My kids favorite recipe is for pizza flavored seeds. We also like to have a warm soup. Chili is a favorite because we can have it in the crock pot all day.

Curried Butternut Squash Soup


Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

Butterscotch Pumpkin Cookies

Family TV Show and Movies

Be Sure to Share How to Celebrate Pumpkin Day

I hope your family enjoys the celebration Pumpkin day as much as we do. Maybe you found a new recipe, activity, or Bible lesson. I would appreciate you sharing with others.

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