Matthew 11:28: Teach Them to Rest in Christ

It’s Never too Early to Pour the Scriptures into Them

I started telling my daughter about her realities in Christ a day after she was born. That sounds quite ridiculous right? This was a time when I was still dealing with the demands of being a new mom and was still in fact healing😅.

This is just to tell you how important it was to me for my kid to learn about who she was in Christ Jesus. I knew that the knowledge of her identity in Christ would settle a lot of things. Even though she was not born again, I knew that introducing her to the realities of the life in Christ was a way of preparing her ahead. As soon as my son came too, I started to tell him.

I would tell them that they are accepted in the beloved. I would also tell them that they are blessed. I would tell them that they have rest in Christ. I would also read the accompanying scriptures to them.

My daughter would be three in few days time. Of all the scriptures that I share with her, one of them particularly stands out for me and I think for her as well.

Teaching Them to Rest in Christ

It is the fact that there’s rest in Christ.

“Come to me all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.”

Mathew 11:28

Indeed, there’s rest in Christ Jesus. Life could be full of chaos and disorders, but a life in Christ should enjoy rest. He said, He will give us rest.

I want my kids to know that in Christ, there’s rest. A way to enjoy rest is by having God’s word as anchor in every situation and every circumstance in life.

So asides, cultivating a regular and consistent time of devotion and reading the Bible with them, I also put God’s word in their mouth for every situation that they ever encounter. There’s a scripture that we memorize and confess for any situation that they go through.

For instance,  when they are about to sleep, we memorized and we always declare that their sleep is sweet and their peace is great. When they are afraid, we memorized and we always declare that God has not given them the spirit of fear, but of power, of love and of a sound mind.

Some days ago, my daughter wanted me to go with her to pick something from the room. I told her to say her confession and go alone.  I witnessed her entering into the almost dark room and declaring that ‘For God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, of love and of a sound mind,…….. therefore, I am not afraid, because greater is he that lives in me than he that lives in the world.

As little as this sounds, it really blessed me.

There was a confidence that came over her just by declaring those words. She went into the room all by herself and came back happy.  That’s exactly what God’s word does.

It gives us rest. It gives us peace. It gives us confidence. God word has integrity, we can lay hold on it for whatever situation that we might be passing through. The Lord is always faithful to His words.

I trust God to continue to set my children on that path of putting His word above all else in their lives, and giving priority to His words. It’s just three years of motherhood, the journey is still far ahead, but I know His grace always abound.


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Guest Author Bio.

Screenshot_20200815-001044My name is Oluwapelumi. I am married to a sweet husband, Seyi, and we are blessed with two children. I am very passionate about children’s spiritual growth. I am always looking for or creating resources and activities that will help me instill Christ in my home. l also have a mentoring ministry for teenage girls and young ladies and a blog. I have another blog, aimed at helping wives be a blessing to their husbands.

I wrote a book about the realities in Christ that I teach my daughter. You can download freely here.

I also have a printable on my Etsy shop containing scriptural confessions for 12 different situations that a child could go through.

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