Ultimate List of Free Devotions for Youth

When it comes to younger kids, there is no shortage of lessons, activities, videos, and devotions on the internet for family worship or their personal quiet time. However, now that 3 out of 4 of my kids are pre-teen or teen age, I find that there is more search involved to find stuff for them. So, this is how I came up with the ultimate list of free devotions for youth.

Why Youth Devotions are Important

So, my boys and even my preteen daughter have done adult devotions and because I have a 6 year old, we have done some things geared to her that they have set in on. But, I think it is powerful for them to be able to read scripture and then look at life applications that speak to their age, current culture, and sin struggles.

Devotionals are a great way to be sure that our kids are learning to start learning the value of a daily quiet time on their own. The fact that they read something geared toward them and speaking into their daily life as a teen will give them more incentive to get into the word more often. Our goals is for them to have a Biblical worldview and an independent faith that grows and matures.

ultimate list of free devotions for youth

Free Devotions for Youth

These are the best, free youth devotions available on the internet. Some are free downloads, some are daily posted on the webpages, some are available through the Bible app, and some are e-mail subscription based. Check them out and see what might work for your teen.

This site has a daily Bible verse along with a devotions. It also has discipleship resources as well as short challenges to get youth into the word.

This one is one of our family favorites. The teen devotions are broken into topics so if there is an individual struggle, you can find a devotion on that topic. You can also go through series.

And, let me say that even though they are not geared toward teens, their character studies over people of the Bible are amazing and my teens really enjoyed them.

These daily, free devotions for youth have scripture and a short reading. Bonus, they also have an audio recording so your teen can leave those earbuds in a listen if they prefer.

This one is available through Bible.com and the Bible app. It has a devotion for every day of the year. Included is a scripture, thoughts, reflection, and prayer.

This is a site just for Christian teens. There are articles, Bible devotions, videos, and a section on entertainment. They also have social media channels and a weekly email just for teens. All of the resources are free for youth.

The North American Mission Board has this free e-book available for youth to prepare them to be the future church. It is very well done and has some great action steps to challenge our teens to be on mission for Jesus.

This free printable devotions for youth is fairly short but has some great reflection questions and extra, longer Bible reading suggestions with a place for them to jot down notes. I printed and put in a binder for my daughter.

Each plan is 21 days and sent via email. There are additional Bible reading plans that you can download on the site as well.

These daily devotions are from Dr. Bill Bright and include a Bible reading and action point.

From Cru, this devotion plan focuses on God’s glorious plan of redemption.

This devotion from Crosswalk.com is put out weekly but has a nice archive so that it could be used daily for a while.

30 day devotional just for teenage girls.

These lessons are designed for youth groups but could be used for family devotions if you have several teens.

This 8 lesson study is based on the book of Philippians. It includes a free workbook and background information. This site also has about 4-5 other free teen devotion series.

This is a devotion that I created to help our youth learn how to be an example for Christ in their school, home, and work. Currently one of the most popular posts on the entire blog, check it out!

This devo was not created for youth but it’s a great study on peacemakers of the Bible and characteristics of a peacemaker. Great for teens to put into practice at home, work, and school.

While these devotions are not specifically for youth, I think it’s important that we guide our kids towards taking time before Easter to prepare their hearts to focus on the cross and Christ’s sacrifice.

Suggestions to Help Your Youth Start a Disciplined Quiet Time

Here are some ideas to help your teen have a consistent and focused quiet time that they look forward to and are inspired to do on their own initiative. They say it takes 21 days to develop a habit. Hopefully these devotions created for teens along with the follow tips, your teen will be having a successful quiet time.

  1. Let them choose the devotion that they are most interested in.
  1. Find a quiet, comfy place that you can have at the same time everyday.
  1. Leave the cell phone and other distractions behind.
  1. If you are using a digital devotion, turn off notifications and be focused just on the reading.
  1. Pray before and after your devotion. Pray before for wisdom, encouragement, and conviction. Pray after for help to put the scripture in action, confess any sin brought to life, and thank God for His word.
  1. Encourage morning devotions to give God your first fruits and to have scripture to meditate on through out the day.
  1. Taking notes is a good way to help retain what you learned and to be able to go back and review.
  1. Tell some one what you learned. Not only is it an excellent way to be sure you are retaining what you read, but it will encourage others.

I pray that you find these free devotions for youth helpful for your teens and your family. If you have a resource you currently use that other parents might find helpful, feel free to list it in the comments.

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  1. Really appreciate this resource. These look great and I may suggest some to my grandsons. They’re currently using a simple Bible reading plan for their devotional time and I don’t want to mess with that, but these would be a great add on.

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