Hi mom friends! My name is Felicia Tucker and I am a wife, mom, and full-time employee. I remember my first job like it was yesterday. I was a cashier at Boston Market in Durham, NC. I took every shift that a 15-year-old could legally have and came home every day smelling like chicken. From there I have held down various jobs ranging from lifeguard to assembly line worker to dorm mom. Since I’ve been working most of my life and enjoy it, I’d like to give some Christian encouragement for other working moms.

Legacy of a Hardworking Mom

I must say that the drive, urgency, and passion for work came from my mom. She was an RN for 40 years and I can count on my hand the number of sick days she used. To me, she embodies Colossians 3:23 which says,” Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not human masters.”

I learned from my mom that you can thrive as a mom while working outside of the home. I firmly believe that she was able to manage both because of my supportive dad. There is a huge lie that says as moms we are to be everything to everyone without asking for help or support. This cannot be further from the truth.

As my mom continued to work she and my dad discussed the importance of someone always being around for the “girls”. I am the oldest of four girls and I vividly remember my dad cooking meals and picking us up from extracurricular activities. Instead of operating in traditional “roles”, they committed to creating a life and family dynamic according to what was best for their household. 

I believe they were living out Proverbs 16:3 which says, “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.” They were committed to one another, honored the Lord in their marriage, and supported each other all while raising a family. It’s critical that Christian encouragement for working moms comes from her family first.

Making the Decision as a Family

As a working mom, I thoroughly enjoy my job. I enjoy the challenges it brings. I have always enjoyed being part of a team and working with others to accomplish a common goal. As a working mom, I enjoy getting out of the house to do something that brings me joy. I have learned that I can enjoy all of these things and still be a great wife and mom!

The key is remembering that I do not have to strive to be a great wife, mom, and employee alone. I have officially retired my superwoman cape. My husband has been riding with me and supporting me in my career for the past 14 years. We support one another and carry each other’s loads in an effort to make sure that we establish a family dynamic that is pleasing to our Father and loving for our children. 

Now does this mean that I don’t sometimes feel mom guilt because I miss my daughter’s gymnastics class due to a job obligation? Of course, I do! It’s the same guilt that I feel when I have to travel and my boys ask “when are you coming back?” In those moments I remember that missing this class or traveling are all temporary circumstances and I have been set free from all guilt and condemnation. The grace of God allows me to be gainfully employed and to make the most of every moment that I spend with my family. 

Our Help Comes from the Lord

As a working mom, I know that my ultimate help comes from my Heavenly Father.  I am always learning how to totally lean on him and allow show me how to be a great wife, mom, and employee.  His strength enables me to do what I love and His instructions guide me when I need to shift my focus and priorities.  (Mom Worth Imitating)

I believe that all the things mentioned in this post could be applied to all moms whether they work inside or outside the home.  We all need wisdom, grace, support, and help when it comes to raising our children.  My prayer and encouragement for all Christian working moms is that we accept His grace to be the moms we need for our children, let go of the temptation to compare our lives to others, and love our babies!  Be encouraged.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, almost half of the families in the nation have both parents working. This means the amount of working moms and stay at home moms are equal. I really enjoy hearing the perspective of other moms and how they live our their faith, motherhood, and calling from different perspectives. Let’s pray for and uplift one another. Also see: Encouragement from a Foster Mom and Encouragement from a Mom with Anxiety

Guest Blogger Bio.

Hi friends! My name is Felicia Tucker and I am married to my best friend, Jonathan. We are raising three kids, Matthew, Madelyn, and Ethan. By day I am the Director of Women’s Basketball at Georgia State University My world consists of fostering a healthy marriage and nurturing my children while integrating that into my career. It is never a dull moment! I am learning how to enjoy the small moments, not sweat the small stuff and go to sleep with the toys strewn over the living room floor. I am a huge college basketball fan and I love the great outdoors. Connect with me on IG:@freefromperfectionblog or on the blog:

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