How to Persevere in Prayer

In verse 1, Jesus told them this story so that they would "always pray and not give up". The widow's plea's to the unjust judge represent prayer in the parable. The persistent widow came to the judge over and over again with the same plea. We have no idea how often it was. It could have been weekly, daily, or several times every day. But, I think in order to get to the point where it "bothered" the judge that it had to be often enough.

Romans 12:2: Transform Your Family

Hey Momma! I wonder if you, like me, feel like the world has gone crazy. You are thinking that you want to prepare your babies for whatever may come. It feels a little overwhelming though because who could have imagined anything that is happening.The truth is that the world has always been a crazy, evil place. After all, we are told that the whole world lies under the influence of Satan. (1 John 5: 19) So, what is our response as Christians? How do we stand apart? Cue Romans 12:2. This was our first family scripture to memorize for this year and I think it along with the rest of the chapter holds some answers.

How to Deny Self

To examine one self is not always bad. The scriptures encourage us to search our hearts for sin, to want to understand how God gifted us to serve him, and to improve ourselves based on His Word. And of course, taking care of ourselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually is critical to us being able to give proper attention to the little ones that we are entrusted.However, it seems the culture of today encourages us to turn inward to our own power, needs, and desires, and then set out on a self-reliant mission. It is then that Christ is an afterthought and self is ruling the roost. Oh, we may pray but only asking Him to bless what we have already been determined to do.